buried_treasureSingle channel, RT 4m 30s, Soundtrack by Orchid Ensemble, composer Moshe Denburg, 2004.

Video: http://vimeo.com/26011611

A drawing based animation: A series of vignettes based on my childhood perspective on my step grandmother, Anna, who survived WW2 in Hungary to later emigrate to Canada and marry my elderly grandfather. The stories reflect the odd habits she had developed as part of her survival, and the humanity and inhumanity of this process.

Created during a thematic residency “Burnout: loss and recovery” at the Alternator Gallery during October 2004. Featuring original music composed by Moshe Denburg, performed by the Orchid Ensemble. Supported by Sony.


2009   Kurye International Video Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2 – 12
2008   Vancouver Feminists: Chainletter DVD Release, Pacific Cinémathèque, Oct 20
2008   Video Art Festival, Harvestworks Digital Media Centre, Soho, New York, Sept 24 – 26
2008   Montreal Underground Film Festival, May 15 – 17
2008   Doxa, (Documentary Festival) Vancouver, May 27 – June 1
2007   Show + Tell, Gallery 1C03, U of Winnipeg, Sept. 7 – Nov 2
2007   Special Screening: The Subtitle Series. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver BC, March 9
2006   See The Voice: Visible Verse @ Pacific Cinémathèque Van., Nov 16
2006   Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival, Toronto, Nov 9 – 18
2006   EXIT, SAW Centre for Contemporary Art and Media, Ottawa, May 11- June 10
2006   (Canada Council Travel Grant, Media Arts, May)
2006   mini rock collection, Alexander Studio, SFU, May 26 – 28
2006   herland Film + Video Festival, Calgary, Alberta, May 1 – 7
2005   Tall Grass Film Festival, Wichita KS, Oct 22
2005   Vancouver International Film Festival, Sept 29 to Oct 14
2005   Regina Festival of Cinematic Arts, Sept 16 – 18

Thematic Compilation DVDs

2008   DIM Programming, Vancouver Feminists: Chainletter DVD, Pacific Cinémathèque
2006   “Familial Distance”, Her Lens: Explorations in Media Art, curated by Cindy Mochizuki, 72 min, Video Out Distribution

Public Collections

UBC Okanagan Library, Kwantlen College Library, Simon Fraser University Library