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and all watched over by machines of loving grace

Interactive video installation, 2012           Video of interactivity: collaboration by Donna Szoke and Ricarda McDonald Centre 3 for Print and Media Art, Hamilton ON, Sept 6 – Oct 19, 2013. Cyber Insecurities, Washington Project for the Arts (Curator Lisa Moren), Pepco Edison Place Gallery, August 30 – Sept 27, 2013 European Media Art Festival, […]

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Trunk Books, Volume II: Blood

My piece “maiden name” will appear in Trunk Books, Volume II: Blood. The book launch is December 12, 2012, in Sydney, Australia. Buy a copy of the book  here. About Trunk Books.

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Project Mist

PROJECT MIST: Is an ongoing collaboration between Principal Investigator: Lynne M. Koscielniak, Co-Principle Investigators: Dyan Burlingame & Chantal Calato, & Donna Szoke. Includes team members from University of Buffalo and Brock Unversity’s undergraduate Theatre and Visual Arts Departments, plus guests.   Whispers and Rages, an International Exhibit: Art & Technology Reviving Landscape In an evening […]

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Invisible Histories

Basic polygonal structure, rigging, fur, and lighting . 20 second video loop V1: Gallery installation. A looped projection appears of an animated mouse which runs past the viewer. V2: Site-specific QR based video for smart media. Video: Invisible Histories began when I came across the astonishing fact that 280,000 radioactive mice are buried near […]

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Alfred waits

“Alfred waits” is a locative media project commissioned by Here 2012,  for Niagara: Cultural Capital Canada, 2012. Vimeo: This site-specific animated video for smart phone recreates a glimpse into the historic battle site in the Queenston area. I find the stories of animals killed in the course of warfare extremely disturbing. This project seeks […]