all_watched_overInteractive video installation, 2012

Video of interactivity:

collaboration by Donna Szoke and Ricarda McDonald

Our interactive installation “and all watched over by machines of loving grace” has two channels. Interactive video installation using a computer, software large monitors and a Kinect sensor: Two large monitors display an eye. As the viewer walks past the monitor, the eyes follow their motion. The screens “watch” the viewer, and track their motions. In an adjacent area, a video loop plays of an extreme close up of an eye that blinks in slow motion. This non-interactive second channel shows an extreme close up of an eye that blinks in slow motion. This aspect of the installation emphasizes the human element of surveillance—a blink—that implies an inherent failure if compared to machine surveillance. The title comes from a 1967 Richard Brautigan poem, and suggests a loving, caring gaze that watches over humanity, as opposed to the current state of surveillance that is concerned with property crime and consumerism.

The work has been installed with just the interactive channel, or with both channels, and can be configures to site specific opportunities.

See also the interactive channel:


2013   Centre 3, Hamilton, ON, Sept 6 – October 19
2013   European Media Art Festival, Osnabruek, Germany, April 24 – May 26
2013   Art Souterrain / Nuit Blanche Montreal, Victoria Station, Montreal, March 2-17
2012   CRAM Gallery, St. Catharines ON, April 27 – May 22
2012   Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, MB, Jan 28 – March 25, (Version 2: Kinect Sensor, infrared lighting, HD)
2004   SWARM Art Festival, Video In Studios, Vancouver, Sept 9, (Version 1: Firewire sensor, incandescent light, SD)


Winnipeg Free Press, by Alison Gilmor:

Globe & Mail, by RM Vaughn:

SEE ALSO: International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance

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