reasonable & senseless

    reasonable&senseles320 channel video installation, dimensions variable, 2005.

    “r” Channel Video:
    “&” Channel Video:
    “s” Channel Video:

    reasonable & senseless install view

    Archival film transferred to video, 20 – 4” LCD monitors, birch plywood and veneer, electronics, cables.

    In this 20-channel video installation, each channel shows a historic film clip of human caused disaster, often created in the name of progress. Over each channel an animated letter appears in smoke, and then dissipates. The screens spell the title of the work, “reasonable & senseless”. This installation uses archival historical footage of disasters in order to investigate the relationship between media, surveillance and human tragedy. The work was installed in a show I curated with Liane Davison, of the same name, in conjunction with works by Michael Alstad, and K.D. Thornton.


    2008   reasonable & senseless. Richmond Art Gallery, Jan. 18 – Feb 28
    2006   reasonable & senseless. Video Pool, Winnipeg, MB, November 10 – December 8
    2005   reasonable & senseless. Surrey Art Gallery, May 21 – July 10